Date of Issue: 31/01/2024

Valid until: 31/01/2029

Κατάσταση: Εγκυρος

Applicant/ Certificate holder, Manufacturer:

Kourosh Sanat Azin Inc Co. (Brands’ Name: MIX Plus)


Office Address: No.66+1, in front 17th St, Etihad St, Damavand Ave, Tehran-Iran, Postal Code: 1658953141
Factory Address : No. 14, Corner of Khurshid St, Sazmanab St, Damavand Ave, Tehran-Iran, Postal Code: 1658976111


Gas and Gas Electric Built in Hob

Model/ Type:

Gas hob, Glass hob, Steel hob – Mix hob – It is Specified Separately in Table1
Electrical Hob- Family of Electric Hobs : CC4505 4 Brenner -CC4506 4 Brenner -CD2001 2 Brenner-CD2003 2 Brenner -CC2201 2 Brenner

Test report No:

For Gas hob: No. 1203308 Issue Date: 03/11/2023 By: MIX Lab
For Electrical Hob: No. AAST-02172 Date: 10/06/2023 By: Arvin Azma Sarmad (AAS)

Technical File:


Applicable Directives:

Regulation (EU) 2016/426 Appliances Burning Gaseous Fuels

Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU)
Electromagnetic Compatibility (2014/30/EU)

Applicable Standards:



IEC60335-1: 2020