Date of Issue: 31/11/2023

Valid until: 31/11/2024

Κατάσταση: Εγκυρος

Applicant/ Certificate holder, Manufacturer:

Zarrin toys Company


No.76, 4th Takhti  Ave., Kamard Industrial Area, After Police Station, 
Ab Ali Road, Tehran, Iran


Production of All Kind of Plastic Toys

Brand Name/Trade Name: ZARRIN  TOYS

Model/ Type:

Specifications, Color Picture and description of the toy are in Annex A that is an integral part of this certificate

Test report No:


Technical construction file:


Applicable Directives:

2009/48/EC (Safety of Toys)

Applicable Standards:

EN71-1:2014/Mechanical & Physical Properties

EN71-2:2011/Flammability+ A1

EN71-3:2013/ Migration of Certain Elements+A1




Types of  Cars

Scania 2000(A1), Fire Engine 2001(A2), Mixer 2003(A3), Supermack(B1), Mack 2002(B2), Super Mini Mack(B3), Mini Mack(B4), Mini Mack 2002(B5), Loder(C1), Mini Loder (C2), Bobcat (C3), Construction Vehicle (C4), Bus School (D1), Minetruck 120 (F1), Super minetruck 130 (F2), Trash Truck (F3), GIGA Trailer (F4), Caterpillar 200 (F5), Caterpillar mechanic (F6), Super Mechanic (F7), MAXI Truck(F8), Kouhestan Truck(G1), , Mini Kouhestan (G2), Farm Tracktor 1(H1), Snowplow 2 (H2), Trolley Tractor 3 (H3), Village Tractor4 (H4), Kid Car Series (H5), Doll Car (I1), Pickup Truck (I2), Nascar (I3), Police (I4), Pickup Police (I5), Humvee Army (I6), Humvee Military (I7), Humvee Police (I8), Humvee Ambulance (I9), Steve (J1),  Bob 90 Truck (J2), Mc Gueen Musical (J3), Mater Musical (J4), Transport Series (J5), Polic Series (J6), Fire Fighters  Series (J7), Construction Series (J8), City Series (J9)

Types of Construction and Tools

Shovel & Rake(E1), Wheelbarrow(E2),Shovel (E3), Wheelbarrow & Shovel(E4), Wheelbarrow &bucket(E7), Hat & Tools (E8), Little Gardener(E9), Hat & Wheelbarrow(E10), Super Wheelbarrow (E11)
Mini Wheelbarrow (E14), Beach Shovel & Rake (E15), Trolley (E16), Beach Trolley (E17), Booling (E18).


Small Sea Bucket (E5), Big Sea Bucket (E6), Sea Bucket (E12), Beach Bucket (E13).


Musical Swing (K1).


Tricycle (L1), Scooter (L2).

Kitchen  Appliances

Little Chef (M1), Picnic Basket (M2), Little Kitch en (M3), Hut Kitchen Tea Service (M4), Yalda Stove (M5), Picnic Box (M6), Tea Party Box (M7), Tea Party Box (M8), Drainer (M9), Hut Kitchen (M10), Kitchen Service (M11), Catering Service (M12).